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Sterling Silver Magnifying Glasses Pendants

Magnifying glasses can be a very useful item for a variety of reasons. They are extremely helpful for those with eyesight issues. Magnifying glasses are also quite handy for someone who has to frequently look at small document print or small parts. However, the handsome magnifying glasses we offer provide the same utility but have a unique decorative look. Additionally, the lasting quality makes these an exceptional gift for anyone who needs magnifying power. The Sterling Silver magnifying glasses that contain a jump ring or a bail may be worn on a chain as a pendant if desired. Most useful length for chain is 24 - 30 inches. Chains sold separately.

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Many of these magnifying glasses can be worn ornamentally with a chain. Therefore, they provide a constantly useful service and yet add flair to one’s appearance, especially if you compare them with a large and unattractive plastic magnifying glass. Different items have different magnification power, so consider how the glass will be used when deciding how much strength you select.

Sterling Magnifying Pendant with Filigree cover provides ample magnification (three times) and also comes with a lovely cover that makes this piece look like an antique necklace when not in use.

The Sterling Silver Heart Magnifier Pendant is a classic and beautiful piece of jewelry in the shape of a heart with the magnifying glass in the center. At five times magnification, this item has significant strength. The heart shape makes this a lovely gift for someone special.

Sterling Silver Magnifying Glass Menu Readers are very useful for a slight enhancement of regular eyesight or glasses. With 2.25 times magnification, they add a helpful boost. The glasses shape proves convenient if you wish to look at something with both eyes.

The Tiny Silver Magnifying Glass has a very strong magnifying glass at 7x. It is a very small item that would be a nice collectible. It is made of high quality sterling silver so it can stay in families for years and years.

The Rose Magnifying Glass Pendant has a magnificent design of rose stems and flowers at the top of the glass. It is the type of item that looks wonderful even when not in use. This glass provides 5x magnification, so it is both useful when looking at small items or working on tasks that require close inspection.

Silver Rose Magnifying Glass Pendant also combines strong magnification (3x) with a tasteful look. The rose stem design and ring shape provides a simple but elegant piece of jewelry that will make reading small print or hobby work much easier.

The Marcasite/Garnet Magnifying Glass Pendant offers yet another variation in design. This one features intricate work along the stem of the item as well as the frame of the glass. Small enough to wear yet large enough to prove useful, the magnification power on this (3x) can be very helpful for reading fine print on many items.