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Sterling Silver Bookmarkers

Aside from perhaps leather bound volumes of Shakespeare's plays there is nothing a bibliophile loves more than silver bookmarks. A true book lover would never dog-ear a page to save their place in a novel, and while there are many items that can serve as a book marker, from a piece of paper to a sticky note, a sterling silver bookmark is a gift to be cherished and prized. Our silver bookmarks come in sterling silver, nickel-plated and many can be engraved with your reader's name or initials.

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We also have a wide selection of bookmark designs. The Victorian style sterling bookmark is a favorite of our more sophisticated reader. For a bit of whimsy we have an adorable clock and mouse silver bookmark that is bound to elicit a chuckle or two.

Silver bookmarks also make a great gift for the young reader who is just discovering reading. A little girl would be overjoyed to receive our ethereal fairy silver bookmark or and engraved heart shaped bookmark. And a young man reading his first Hardy Boys mystery would be overjoyed with a banner style bookmark with their name or initials engraved on it.

Silver bookmarks and markers are a very opulent item for the avid reader to enjoy. While silver is a relatively new material, book page markers have been around since the 13th century.

History of Bookmarks

During the medieval time monks made use of book markers they called incunabula. These bookmarks were made of leather or vellum in a many different shapes. Some were simple a small strip of material and other could actually clip on a page.

In the 18th and 19th centuries book markers consisted of a narrow piece of silk or ribbon that was actually attached to the book. This type of bookmark was especially common with hard cover books. In 1850s bookmarks of different materials were developed including bronze, pewter, mother of pearl and sterling silver. The Victorian style sterling bookmark was usually made in a floral design or with scrollwork sculpted around the edges. However some bookmarks were made in the shapes of swords and functioned as a paper cutter when pages were still joined together in a book.

Bookmark Designs

There are two basic designs for clip silver bookmarks. The first is a standard vertical clip with a figurine on top. Some of the more popular markers designs are the dragonfly silver bookmark and the fairy silver bookmark. There are also popular whimsical designs such as the clock and mouse silver bookmark.

The second type of bookmark has the clip in a distinct shape. The nickel-plated heart shaped bookmark is a very popular design for the female reader while the rectangular shaped bookmark and banner style bookmark are preferred by male readers. In addition many of these shaped silver bookmarks can be engraved with the reader's name or initials.

Multifunction Bookmarks

Believe it or not there are actually bookmarks that have more than one function. We have all read books where two pages were not separated correctly. This is when the multifunctional silver bookmarks come in handy. These bookmarks are shaped like swords, knives, trowels or letter openers and all function to separate conjoined pages from each other. These silver bookmarks can also be used as silver letter openers if desired.

Additional Bookmark Styles

The sterling silver bookmark also comes in 2 other designs. The first design is a paperclip with a figure on the front such as a fleur de lis. As the paperclip is effectively hidden it almost looks like the silver figure is magically clinging to the page. The second style resembles a shepherd crook. The elongated portion rests on the page being saved and the hook hangs over one or several of the pages in front of the saved page. Sometimes the hook will have a design on such as a heart or circle.

When purchasing a bookmark as a gift be sure to take note of all the different styles and designs. It is important to choose a bookmark that suits the personality of the recipient. For sophisticated readers choose a Victorian bookmark design and for someone who is a cat lover, the cat and mouse design might be more appropriate.