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Engraving Information

Engraving fonts, tips and information

All of our engraving is done in house with our state of the art computerized engraving system. We take great pride in our work with personal attention provided to each and every order. If you need quotes for custom work (i.e.: Corporate Logos, Military Graphics, Religious Symbols) please email us by clicking on the "E-mail Us" Link at the top of this page.

New Preview System
We have a new engraving preview feature enabled on all engravable items. You will be able to see your engraving choices and your font selections by pressing the Engraving Preview Button.


Monograms are normally engraved with the last initial in the center, the first initial on the left of it and the middle initial on the right. For example: If your name were "Melinda Sandra Goodson" your inscription would appear as MGS. You would enter your initials in the boxes provided in our order form in normal initial order, we will take care of arranging them in proper order if you select a monogram font. Monograms will always be engraved in upper case format.

Roman 3 line Monogram

Century 2 line

Interlocking Script Monogram

Circle Monogram

Initials are engraved in normal First, Middle and Last name order. If your name were "Melinda Sue Goddard" your inscription would appear as MSG. Initials will always be engraved in upper case format.

Roman 3 line Initials

Century 2 line Initials

Old English 3 line Initials

Script 2 line Initials

Upright Script Single Initial

Interlocking Script
Single Initial

Engraving Tips:
  • Script two line has a sharp slant to it. It works well for engraving names and longer inscriptions.However, the slant can cause the inscription to look off center if the inscription is very short, such as when engraving just a single initial on an item. For a single initial, we recommend using either our Upright Script or a single character from our Interlocking script font.
  • If engraving names, Script 2 line looks best in an "Uppercase / Lowercase" format, for example "Melinda". We engrave in this fashion, unless the experienced judgment of our engraver dictates otherwise.
  • Script 2 line looks best engraved on feminine gift items, lockets, pendants, pillboxes and baby items.
  • If engraving names, Century 2 line looks very nice in ALL CAPS.
  • Old English looks best when engraved in an uppercase / lowercase format, except for when we engrave initials, then we will use all uppercase letters. Old English looks best engraved on masculine gift items.
  • Century 2 line or Roman 3 line are good all around choices for most items, these fonts can be engraved in both uppercase and lower case and still look very good.

Script 2 line Font

Old English 3 line Font

Roman 3 Line Font

Century 2 line Font