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Salt Spoons

Silver salt spoons were used hundreds of years ago in conjunction with a salt cellar. Our lovely reproductions of the sterling silver salt spoon come in many different styles and are a great addition to any vintage spoon collection. These spoons come in different styles from formal to whimsical. Some of these silver salt spoons are designed to resemble a scallop shell, which was a very popular design of the time. There is even a spoon that represents a miniature shovel and another that looks like a rose growing up out of the ground and still another that looks like a tropical fish.

Along with the silver salt spoons there were other miniature spoons used during Victorian times. The sterling silver acorn nut spoon is an exact replica of an acorn. Its base is quite wide to accommodate a tea bag or to be used for scooping loose tea or serving nuts. The sterling silver food pusher is a utensil that small children use to push food onto a fork or spoon.

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