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Sterling Silver Lockets

Many of our Sterling Silver Lockets can be engraved with your own personalized message to make that extra special gift. All of our custom engraving is done in-house by our own expert engravers. You can see a sample of your engraved personalization with our new engraving preview system.

Silver lockets - timeless gifts for that special someone

Looking for that unique antique / vintage style sterling silver locket - pendant or charm for yourself or to give as a special gift, you have come to the right place. Our lockets come in many different styles and shapes from round to oval to heart shaped. We even have silver lockets that can hold photos or pictures.

Need a chain? - Don't forget to visit our sterling silver chain section to select a lovely chain for your locket to hang on. Our chains are nicely priced and important for gift giving.

Jewelry lockets have played all kinds of roles over the ages. Lockets have been used just as pieces of jewelry, or to keep a photograph of a loved one near and even to mask out odors and other foul smells. These jewelry pieces are generally presented to loved ones on occasions like Valentine's Day, weddings and christenings. Lockets were very popular during the Victorian age and were noticed especially at funerals. Today, lockets make endearing heirloom gifts that are sure to be cherished for years to come.

The Vinaigrette locket is probably the one locket that is packed with history. You will find that the Vinaigrette locket dates back to the Victorian era where they had a very specific use. To understand this use however, you must first understand the locket. The vinaigrette locket is a silver filigree locket with open work on the top and a solid back. You might even find a variation where both the front and the back are made of filigree work. During the Victorian era, silver lockets of this kind were used by ladies to hold a piece of small cloth or sponge that was soaked in their perfume. You could even put a tiny block of solid perfume inside. The locket would be worn and it would be held up to the lady's nose when she passed through an area that did not smell so good. You will still find these vinaigrette lockets in the market today. Besides being pretty, they make a perfect piece of heirloom jewelry to be handed down the generations.

Over the generations lockets have been modified to suit changing trends while keeping the basic concept the same. If you are looking for a gift for a young lady or even a baby, you might want to consider silver lockets that are engraved by hand. These personalized lockets come with pretty floral designs that are generally colored. If you are considering engraved lockets of this kind, you will find that your choices are plenty.

If you are looking for a silver gift that is timeless, then you should consider the classic locket made of silver. This classic piece of silver jewelry is probably the first thing that will come to your mind when someone mentions a silver locket. Today you can buy these lockets in silver of the highest quality that will not tarnish. You will even find ones with the center area in the front made with a finish of fine satin. Because of its excellent quality, this silver locket also makes a great heirloom gift.

Photo lockets are the most common and sought after lockets for gifts. You can get them in various and sizes. You can even get silver photo lockets personalized with engraving, making your special occasion gift to that special someone truly exceptional. Personalized silver lockets are personal gifts that any one will treasure. They also make the perfect gift choice for any special occasion. If you look around, you will find photo lockets that can hold up to 6 pictures.