If there is anything, that is changing every now and then in terms of jewelry – it has to be the trends! With so much variety coming up every year, you can simply explore your heart without any limitations. So, to bring you a new taste in jewelry, here is the list of the top 3 hottest jewelry trends for 2022. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

No matter the occasion, the sterling silver jewelry is appropriate for every occasion. 

Going to a Gala party? Sterling silver. Heading out for a casual dinner night? Silver. A formal meeting? You have the idea now! 

You can wear the same piece for both occasions! 

Now, the question is – Why Sterling silver? The answer is simple – it just adds such a classy touch to any look. 

It is so versatile that it even extends its look when combined with other metals.

Estate Jewelry 

Bow and floral motifs, rose cut and table cut diamonds, gems set with foil backs, and more and more artwork from hammering metal into complex designs and patterns, sounds like Victoria time thing, right? 

That’s what Estate jewelry is about - the classy and chic look! 

Some great estate jewelry choices this 2022 are:

  • Ornate metalwork accessories 

  • Egyptian revival designs 

  • Japanese influenced accessories, and many more are available in the Silver Mine Gifts store. 

Antique and Vintage Silver Jewelry 

Antique or vintage jewelry is exclusively in this year. When you club these antique and vintage jewelry pieces, with the traditional dresses, they are too elegant to add a rich touch to the entire look. 

This year, Silver Mine Gifts has got a huge variety of jewelry pieces to help you deck up and enhance your traditional, formal or chic styles. 

So, you know what’s hot this 2022 to invest in and get yourself going for each look. Silver Mine Gifts has got it all for you to create the look that you desire. For more information visit us here.